Important Things To Know


✔️ All payments for enrollment are FINAL. Please be sure to read the descriptions carefully prior to submitting payment.

✔️ Payments are for our year round program.

✔️ No payment plans are available for discounted enrollment fees. (i.e. Black Friday sales must be paid in full.)

✔️ Camp is included in enrollment fees. Should you want to participate in camp only, please be aware that seats to camp will go to "year round" attendees first and will be released to "camp only" attendees upon availability.

Join our Spring Cohorts!

This one time payment offers you access to our program for one year.

Includes: (Choose 1)

* Spring Saturday Cohort 1 ( February- March) 

- OR-

* Spring Saturday Cohort 2 ( April- May)

Along with:

* Summer 6 day camp (July)

* Annual Conference (January 2022)

Please Note: Saturday cohort sessions are NOT hands on and look and learn sessions (that is reserved for camp). Cohorts are dedicated to interactive (FUN) leadership and team building activities as well as mandatory community service. We are here to build relationships and community, and this is where it starts!

This payment is non refundable and non transferable. Should you miss ANY scheduled events or are simply unable to make it, your fee can not be transferred to a new session or pro rated for any missed dates.